The Challenge

The release of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus did generate excitement and interest amongst the media, especially with its all glass design. However, the new phones didn’t get the same attention new iPhones get due to the simultaneous announcement of the iPhone X, which was of main interest for many press. SquareTrade tasked us with breaking through the other Apple news and generating solid coverage around its iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Breakability Tests. 

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The Solution

For the Breakability Tests release, we focused our story on a larger industry issue of phone manufacturers turning to all glass designs for their phones and how the new glass bodies impact phone durability. We pitched the results and this story across tech, business, consumer and lifestyle press alike to cast a wide net of interest in the news  

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The Result

Generated more than 30 original pieces of coverage in the Breakability results 

Secured coverage in new consumer outlets that hadn’t covered SquareTrade before including NY Mag, Teen Vogue and HighSnobiety 

Placed stories in top tier outlets like TIME and Business Insider, which led to additional pick up coverage 


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