The Challenge

Apple’s highly-anticipated iPhone X was about to ship with media already buzzing about its “bezel-less” OLED display, controversial notch, Face ID and high repair cost. Fresh off their iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Breakability Test, SquareTrade tasked us with breaking through the noisy discussion and hype to generate solid coverage around its iPhone X Breakability Test and announce their new affordable, pricing to combat the iPhone X’s repair cost. 

The Solution

We focused our story on the iPhone X being the most breakable iPhone ever–making it very likely people would be paying a hefty repair bill. We pitched the results and story along with SquareTrade’s pricing news across tech, business, consumer and lifestyle press to cast a wide net of interest in the news.   

The Result

We generated more than 70 original pieces of coverage on the Breakability results. 

We secured coverage in major tech publications such as Ars Technica, 9to5Mac and PCMag as well as new consumer media for SquareTrade like Nerdist, LAD Bible and Thrillist.

We placed stories in national news outlets like AP and NBC News, which led to additional pick up coverage both online and in local broadcast news.

And we drove more than one million views on SquareTrade’s Breakability Video on YouTube, which lead it to #15 on Trending.