The Challenge

SquareTrade is a leading provider of protection plans. To highlight how susceptible new devices are to everyday accidents we created the Breakability Score, a series of test that drop, slide and dunk new consumer electronics to destruction. Already dominate in tech press and its third year, we were tasked with sustaining interest in this proven tactic, while brining the test to wider audiences.   

The Solution

After the controversy surrounding “Bendgate” at the launch of iPhone 6, we added a Bendbot to the arsenal of robots in the SquareTrade test labs. The first BendBot video quickly went viral and so we decided to create a new fun element pitting man against machine. Linking with UFC Champion Luke Rockhold, we recreated the Breakabiliy Score with him kicking, smashing and bending devices with his bare hands.

The Result

More than 1 million views of Bendgate video in just three days

2436 articles from around the world in outlets such as Forbes, CNN, Mashable, Engadget, Fox, ABC, Wired and Daily Mail

Trended on Facebook and Twitter

Generated an official statement from Samsung that reignited the story

Generated a 26% increase in traffic to the SquareTrade website